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At Diab, we have worked diligently over the years to provide the very best to our customers. Besides insisting on superior quality and the highest standards when it comes to choosing the products we carry, we are proud to have a modern, fresh, and highly specialized approach when it comes to after sales service.
We believe that it is in after sales service and the full dedication towards our customer that we can achieve the winning edge. After all, how better can we demonstrate to our customers what a wise purchase they have made than to show how strongly we back our products,especially after the sale is made!

"We do not wish to merely sell our goods, we wish to build a long and trusting relationship with our customers!"

A.R.Diab has two service centers; a main one in "Dekwaneh" area and a smaller one in "Ras Beirut" area. A team of fully trained professionals handles all our service demands, from inquiries and complaints, to servicing and delivery. Our fleet of cars includes 4 which are exclusively reserved to carry out at-home services for our dedicated customers all over the Lebanon.
Finally, and in addition to our high quality brands and products, we rely on our good name, experience and seal of guarantee which have helped us achieve "80 years of great service".
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