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Ets. Abdulrahim Diab was founded in the 1920's by the late Abdulrahim Diab. The company started as a family trading firm introducing the latest in American and European products in home appliances, sanitary ware, heating and plumbing equipment. Some eighty years later, we are proud to be still dealing in those same lines; a fact which helps us to be distinguished because of the extended experience gained during those long years in the Lebanese market.

Our establishment has supplied,in one way or another, quality products to almost every Lebanese home. We continue the tradition and maintain our policy regarding quality and after-sales support.

Our experienced and dynamic management has also been exerting great efforts to transform our establishment into a progressive and modern company. We are developing broader trade lines and complementing the existing ones. Our newly decorated showrooms in Ras Beirut, Jdeideh, and Dekwaneh carry the latest in design, models and innovation in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Serving our clients and maintaining their satisfaction will continue to be the motivation on which we will capitalize for further growth.
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